Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving & Boating

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and how else do you spend your Thanksgiving but with friends and family. That is what Thanksgiving is all about - sharing wonderful food with the people you care about. I think how lucky I am to have such a great family and amazing friends that I count as family because they are so close.

I was reading on facebook and someone posted they were thinking of spending Thanksgiving on their houseboat with their kids and cooking a turkey... He asked is that un-traditional? Un-traditional?? HECK NO!!! That's what family is all about. And if you are lucky enough to have a boat with the means to cook a turkey and host some family and friends - Absolutely. Create new memories, develop new traditions. How cool will that be for the kids and the memories they will create by enjoying Thanksgiving in such a fun environment like Lake Mead. Beautiful weather, great family, and an awesome boat!! Go to it, enjoy, and make the un-traditional traditional!

Fall is a great time to boat on Lake Mead. Blue skies, calm waters, your own space. If you have a boat and have never experienced fall and winter boating on Lake Mead, check it out. If you don't have a boat, try renting one over the long holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Enjoy yourselves wherever you are and whatever you are doing! And if it's cold where you live, come visit Las Vegas because its going to be sunny and high 60's, even hitting 70 on Friday. Great Boating Weather on Lake Mead!

Gobble Gobble

Friday, August 21, 2009

Don't Blow your Boat!

Growing up on Lake Mead with my family, I've had boating safety drilled into my head from every relative I know. Even now, its a good reminder to think about those steps we should take when going boating. Its also important to teach others that you boat with these precautions to prevent horrible events from happening.

My friends, who were not boaters before I met them, will tell you I am always about being safe when out and enjoying the lake and boat. It always amazes me to see other visitors to the lake that can make such crazy and often stupid decisions when they are out there, whether it's prop safety, swimming in the middle of the lake, riding on your boat wrong or not using your blower.

So yesterday evening a boat at Callville Bay blew up because, apparently, the blower was not turned on. The details are limited, but it's so imperative that you follow safety guidelines when it comes to your boat and boating. Channel 3 - KVBC LVRJ

Boating is such a great activity but you don't want your day to end or begin with police, medics, and you and your loved ones hurt by not taking simple safety precautions.

How does it happen?
You need three things to make your engine run - Fuel, compression, & spark. So for decades, boat builders have been putting blowers in engine compartments to release fumes from the engine that with spark from your starter and flywheel could create an explosion. Now this is the short version. The important part to know and understand is how to avoid explosion.

How do you avoid this?
When getting ready to use your boat, whether on the launch ramp, in the slip, at the gas dock, the beach, or floating in the middle of the lake, you should always turn the blower on for 3 to 5 minutes to expel any fumes that may be in the engine compartment. If it's the first time of the day or the season - open your engine compartment, take a look around, take a wiff with your nose. If anything smells or looks funny. STOP right there. Fuel smells are bad. Fuel in your bilge is worse. If you smell anything "funny" or see anything wrong, you need to find out whats going on right away.

If you just fueled up, it is absolutely imperative that you check out your bilge and engine compartment. You could have a pin hole leak in your hose that could allow fuel to get into your bilge or your rubber products could be compromised because of age or wear. Open your engine compartment and stick your head down there every time.

These simple steps can save your life. Smell, look, blower!! It could happen to any of us, anytime. So know your boat, check out your engine, and boat safe!

I'm a big proponent of boating safety courses. Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW), Coast Guard Auxiliary, and Power Squadron all offer boating classes. Most classes are free or have a nominal fee. Stop by our website at or send me an email for more info on boating safety classes.

And remember, anyone born after January 1, 1983 is required to take a boating safety course and carry their boating safety card.

Well, go boat! Have fun and be safe!!!
Out for now,

Monday, August 17, 2009

Desert Boat Girl

Boating in the desert! My family has been selling boats and helping people enjoy boats in the desert for 52 years this month!

Thanks for stopping by... My name is Candice and I am your desert boat girl! I've grown up in the boating industry. Now this isn't unusual. I mean not growing up in the boating industry... but growing up in the boating industry in the middle of desert, some might say is. Well, we have a beautiful lake here. Actually I found out today that Lake Mead NRA (National Recreation Area) is the fifth most visited National Park system entity. Even more than the Grand Canyon! Now that's pretty cool...

So a little bit about us... My grandparents (Bob & Betty Gripentog) bought the Las Vegas Boat Harbor in 1957, the year my mom was born (you better not tell her I told). Well they bought this little dock on Lake Mead with some trailers on the shore. They thought they would fish a lot and work a little... That's the story. So 52 years later, 5 generations of family, the business is bigger and more interesting than ever.

We currently have almost 1,500 slips on Lake Mead, two floating restaurants and lounges, indoor & outdoor dry storage at the lake, two beautiful indoor boat showroom sales facilities in Las Vegas, a top notch service & parts facility in Las Vegas, and a great boating accessories store on Boulder Highway in Las Vegas.

So if you need a boat, want to use your boat, or need to find something for your boat. Check us out! Las Vegas Boat Harbor, Lake Mead Marina, Dry Dock Boat Sales, Marine Center of Las Vegas, and Las Vegas Bay Dry Storage. You can always visit us out online at with our 24 hour showroom and much much more.

Well that's all for today. Thanks for reading & Happy Boating to all!!